"Interior Design is about enhancing people's lives."


Leo Designs, Ltd., a full service design firm specializing in residential interiors, was founded a decade ago by two Chicago residents, Georgeann Rivas and Stephanie Wirth. Their ability to work closely with clients and hone in on their desired aesthetic allows Leo Designs to create varied and refreshingly original spaces. The unifying thread in each project is their unwavering attention to detail.

From the onset of each project to completion, no design element is neglected. “Naturally, we devote a considerable amount of time to interior architecture. What distinguishes us is the attention we give to the finishing touches and the layering of accessories which we feel give the home soul,” says Rivas.

After all, Leo Designs believes that a home should provide a glimpse into the owners’ psyche by showcasing their personal style. Consequently, the firm’s aesthetic is as varied as its clientele. Both agree that the most gratifying part is exceeding their clients’ expectations. “Interior design is about enhancing people’s lives,” says Wirth, “and that really is our primary goal.”