Leo loves their client's kids!

One of our favorite things is designing sophisticated and whimsical children’s rooms. Color and stripes play a big part in these designs. 

The homework room below includes a vintage mobile, Mid-century modern metal table and Noguchi lighting. We designed the adjoining sunroom to include an antique French daybed that we upholstered in bold yellow and white striped fabric. The awning window treatment and colorful  vintage metal furnishings add to the indoor/outdoor feel. Sometimes one purchase can be the inspiration for an entire room, in this case it stemmed from the colors in a vintage Andy Warhol “Brillo” print which we hung above the daybed. 


Designing small rooms can often be challenging, this Traverse City project was no exception. The pod-like bedrooms made it hard to fit furnishings so we designed a corner bed and desks were built into each closet area. The cut out windows in the closets allow light to filter through while still separating the spaces and the barn doors easily slide open and closed.  The inspiration for the room below stemmed from a hand-made cherry pillow that was purchased on a buying trip in New York. The cherry bed linens followed suit and were apropos as the client resides in the "Cherry Capital of the World” The bold striped ceiling and walls in the other two pod bedrooms add a lot of impact and personality. Our advice is not to be afraid of big patterns in small spaces.

28 Mae'sRoom.jpg
29 Mae'sRoomDetail.jpg
26 Children'sHallway.jpeg
27 bookcasedetail.jpg
1Bedrooms_LD_TCM_F7041 copy.jpg

This tiny bedroom features custom black and white bed linens and a vintage twin bed that we lacquered black  (Hint: we recommend Fine Paints of Europe for the ultimate gloss finish). The Kartell furnishings add a subtle modern touch to the room.

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