Hyde Park Landmark

Practicality and comfort were two of the main requests for this Southside landmark home.  The busy homeowners wanted a transitional home that was child-friendly and functional.  It was also important that the space was conducive to entertaining large parties.  The exterior and interior of the front of the home remain true to the original structure, with a classic brick facade, traditional limestone fireplace and crown molding.  In contrast, the rear exterior and interior of the home feature metal cladding, a modern chef’s kitchen and a sleek stone slab fireplace wall. The contemporary iron stair railing design, taupe-toned flooring, and curated collection of artwork are combined with comfortable furnishings, sumptuous fabrics and faded Oushak rugs.  These elements successfully ensure that the front of the home flows seamlessly into the back, while adding texture and warmth to an otherwise streamlined space.